The Company

Mopex Pedras Ltda is a Brazilian company dedicated to the export of Genuine Sao Tome Quartzite
It is a dynamic and fast-growing company, managed by experienced professionals in the field of natural stones.
The company belongs to a foreign entity which has been working in the natural stone business for over 30 years and acting in Brazil for more than 15 years.
With a multilingual staff strategically located across the world, Mopex Pedras is experienced enough to drive sales from A to Z and supply an outstanding customer service worldwide.
The company is focusing on high quality standards and works only with 100% Genuine Sao Tomé Quartzite. We are compliant with all European Norms and Regulations, providing upon request all the laboratory tests and technical reports.
Quality, flexibility and reliability are part of the daily operations.
Opposed to mainly of its competitors who produce in large scale and whose volume is the leitmotiv, Mopex Pedras is able to supply in a proper timely manner any kind of customized works and respond to any specific needs that customers look for.


Sao Tome Stone

On top of offering Genuine Sao Tomé Quartzite to its customers, Mopex Pedras also gives them the opportunity to mix their shipments of Quartzite with other Brazilian stone products.
Indeed, Mopex Pedras has acquired over the years a strong knowledge on the diversity of stones Brazil has to offer, and has carefully selected its business partners. Therefore, Mopex Pedras is able to bring an added value to its customers by giving them the possibility to load a bunch of different Brazilian stone products such as slate, granites, semi-precious stones and landscaping items in a single container.
Do note hesitate to contact us for any
Brazilian stone product you may need
We use strong packing methods so that the stones get to you in a perfect state, as they were when they left our factory.
Keep in mind that a good packing does not only protect your products against damages: it also helps you sell and promote them.
We are aware that each market requires a different packing style to respond to the local demand. We are used to handle this aspect of the export sales and will customize any packing style to satisfy your specific needs. However, do not forget to mention it when placing the order.


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